Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all – hope all had a happy and restorative seasonal break!

A huge thank you to the Secret Santa assigned to me by Krafty Kat.  Your gifts were gorgeous!  

It was a metre of delicate floral crinkle cottony fabric, very light and pretty.  It will probably be destined for a pair of summer short pyjamas.  There were also a couple of packs a lovely wooden buttons – hands and penguins – I already know what I’m going to do with some of them, so watch this space, Secret Santa!


I’ve had an extremely productive sewing year in 2013 with back to back projects. What I find difficult though is to stop in between and keep the blog up-to-date – cutting into new material is always too tempting for me…


Anyhow, I’ll do my best to make amends this coming year and post a round up last year’s creations before Jan 14 is over.

I got me some competition too, as my elder daughter (8) has also caught the bug and has learnt to sew on my new machine last year. I’d previously been reluctant as I often found the speed of my old New Home machine difficult to control and didn’t want her sewing through her fingers.  The new machine is a Janome XL301 with maximum speed settings, purchased from my local sewing/fabric shop (the brilliant Bamber’s) which means she was able to start off a snail’s pace until she was confident enough to increase the speed settings. She enjoys sewing and opens up when she’s stitching away, so I get to find out all sorts of snippets about her school life she might not otherwise get round to telling us.  I’m enjoying the new machine too!

On my sewing table at the moment are my first pair of Thurlows, they just need hemming now.  They fit very well and I can’t quite believe I’ve made them!!



Constellations Alma and Oliver + S dresses

I purchased some gorgeous Lizzy House Constellations fabric from Backstitch at the start of the year.  I love this range – blues, purple, moons and stars – what’s not to like?!

I was inspired by Gather here’s beautiful makes – oh to own a fabric shop!

I made myself a Sewaholic Alma blouse in Supernova purple- this came together very well.  I shortened the length of the bodice by couple of inches and graded down a couple of pattern sizes at the shoulders, but other than that, used the pattern as it was drafted.  I added fabric belt loops (you can just make them out at the crook of my elbow on the left), but I think I’ll take them off as they stick out a bit, and the belt stays in place without them.

006 007


Now for the little people’s dresses.  The pattern is the Oliver + S Seashore dress. I’m really impressed with these patterns.  They have very clean, simple lines which produce great looking garments.

Elder daughter fancied the black Twinkle Twinkle fabric – I wasn’t too sure to start off with,  but the stars on the dress are really lift the fabric.  She feels very grown up in it and it hides the mud and grass stains a treat!  Younger daughter chose the blue Star Chart design, which is adorable.  I found some owl buttons in my local Abakhans to finish off the starry skies theme.

005 015 008

I think they like their dresses!


Pyjama Party – triple the fun!

At last!  Karen’s Pyjama Party has given me the deadline I needed to use up a few metres of tartan brushed cotton bought a couple of years ago, plus finally get round to publish my first blog post!  I used New Look 6005 for my pair and self drafted the girls’ from their own PJ bottoms, adding piping down the sides of all 3 pairs. Fortuitously, we had picked up some reels of pink cotton and bias binding from the epic Birmingham swap last week (thanks to the mystery donor!), so were pretty much sorted for everything we needed to make them.  I used ribbon instead of making a belt for my pair (and cheated with the girls’ – their bow is just sewn on at the front of the waist).

We’re very pleased with our cosy new PJs and will spend some time browsing everyone else’s pairs today.

Thanks very much, Karen, for hosting – it’s been lots of fun!