Pyjama Party – triple the fun!

At last!  Karen’s Pyjama Party has given me the deadline I needed to use up a few metres of tartan brushed cotton bought a couple of years ago, plus finally get round to publish my first blog post!  I used New Look 6005 for my pair and self drafted the girls’ from their own PJ bottoms, adding piping down the sides of all 3 pairs. Fortuitously, we had picked up some reels of pink cotton and bias binding from the epic Birmingham swap last week (thanks to the mystery donor!), so were pretty much sorted for everything we needed to make them.  I used ribbon instead of making a belt for my pair (and cheated with the girls’ – their bow is just sewn on at the front of the waist).

We’re very pleased with our cosy new PJs and will spend some time browsing everyone else’s pairs today.

Thanks very much, Karen, for hosting – it’s been lots of fun!




10 thoughts on “Pyjama Party – triple the fun!

  1. Sabs

    I love the matching pjs! I’m jealous that you all got brushed cotton – bet they’re really warm! And well done on your first post – I warn you, this blogging lark is really addictive!! But I look forward to seeing what else you make…

  2. Gjeometry

    Oh, ADORABLE!! I love how they are all matching! Obviously your girls like them, as can be seen from the huge smiles on their faces. I also opted out of a ribbon or self tie belt for my pajama bottoms, as I didn’t want the excess “bulk” in my waist casing. I thought it would bother me for sleeping. So just did a standard elastic. Also, the fun of a pajama party is that now I’ve found your blog and have started to follow it! Looking forward to sharing sewing projects and ideas. -Catja

  3. Catherine

    oh so adorable! matching jim jams! my mum uses to make matching tracksuits for me, my brother and my sister – pink for my sister, purple for me and blue for my brother and then we would all go out together!
    Great work!

    1. Caro Post author

      Brilliant! I do have to hold myself in check re. from making matching outfits – have you got a picture of you all in your matching tracksuits?


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